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For anyone who aspires to fly everything under the sun, a multiengine rating is a literal must, and for anyone
who wants to fly for the airlines, it's a requirement.

  • First One
  • Estimated Cost

    10 hours Ground. $700
    10 hours Dual. $4,400
    FAA Checkride Fee $900
    TOTAL      $6,000
  • Course info

    There is no knowledge test required and no minimum time, just ground and flight training.

    You will study multi-engine aircraft operations, systems, and procedures. These lessons are designed to equip you with the skills needed to safely operate these advanced aircrafts.

  • Time Frame

    Full-Time Students
    two months.

    Part-Time Students
    on your schedule.

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  • Is there a written exam for this rating?

    There is no written examination for the multiengine rating, so all proof of proficiency will be done during the check ride for the rating.

    However, there is a lot to be learned on the ground before taking to the skies in a multiengine aircraft.

  • Can I do my Commercial Training in a
    Multiengine aircraft ?

    Yes, but keep in mind that it is much more expensive than getting your commercial in a single engine aircraft and then adding the Multiengine ADD-On rating to it.

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