personalized flight training


An instrument rating prepares you to fly when it's difficult to see outside. The training will make you
a better pilot, all around.

  • First One
  • Estimated Cost

    35 h Ground. $1,925
    30 h Dual. $6,825
    Written Test Fee. $160
    FAA Checkride Fee $900
    TOTAL      $9,810
  • Course info

    The FAA minimum hour requirement for a P.141 Instrument Rating is 30 hours of ground and 35 hours of flight training . Remember that every student learns at different speeds so actual hours may be higher.
    The program includes guided practice in navigating various instrument approaches and holding patterns.

  • Time Frame

    Full-Time Students
    two months.

    Part-Time Students
    on your schedule.

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  • Is it a Part 141 or part 61 program?

    This is a part 141 program.
    Students seeking to complete the training under part 61 must have at least 50 hours of Pilot In Command (PIC) time and 40 hrs of simulated or actual instrument time. FAR 61.64(c)

    Skyduo is both P.141 & 61

  • What's the difference?

    Part 141 training is given through approved flight training schools, whose course syllabus has been reviewed and approved by the FAA ensuring that your training experience is both organized and supervised.

    Part 61 offers flexibility
    Some aviation employers may prefer candidates with Part 141 training.

  • Which program should I choose?

    At this point of your career we personally think P.141 training is more refined.

    Part 141 flight schools are required to maintain an 80% check ride/written test passs rate in its 141 program. Schools unable to maintain the 80% pass rate risk losing their 141 approval.

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