personalized flight training

personalized flight training

We believe that in the world of
aviation, where decision making is
a personal approach is key
to ensure you get the most out of your
flight training.

  • Finding your School

    Skyduo was created by a Flight Instructor and a Private Pilot Student in 2017.
    Their goal was to provide the training they would have liked to have gotten when they started their careers.
    Skyduo is still run by those guys and today they are an Airline Captain and an Aviation Manager.

  • Flexible Training

    At Skyduo, we begin by asking some simple questions:
    Where do you want to go? Do you want to become an Airline Captain or simply seeking the joy of Recreational Flying?
    Each student embarks on their flight training with unique aspirations, we customize your training experience to align with your goals.

  • Fully Tailored

    One to one training, lessons are planned around your schedule,
    Personalized solutions that maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

  • Fees

    Unbeatable level of service at competitive rates. No hidden fees, no upfront investment. We are fully aware that “time is money” in aviation.

  • Private Pilot License Course


    It doesn't matter if you are seeking a license to fulfill a life-long dream, pursue a career in aviation or just for fun.

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  • Instrument Rating Course


    The program is designed to build your confidence, you'll develop the skill of flying solely by reference to instruments.

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  • Commercial Pilot License Course


    A commercial pilot certificate is your gateway to a professional career as a pilot.

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  • Multi-Engine Rating Course


    Enhance your piloting skills and broaden your career opportunities.

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  • Flight Instructor Course Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Course Multi-Engine Instructor Course


    Gain hours and share your passion and knowledge while earning a paycheck.

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  • Time Building Course


    Time build with a friend! That means you can share costs and adventures .

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our fleet

We pride ourselves in the quality, in-house maintenance and safety of our fleet.

  • Cessna 172

    CESSNA C-172N

    The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is the top- rated single-engine flight training aircraft in the world.

  • Piper PA-28 Beechcraft Baron


    This twin-engine, high performance aircraft has been a popular choice among pilots for decades.

where we are

We want you to be surrounded by professional and experienced pilots from the first day.
We have chosen to be in the best airport for training around Miami.

  • First One

    Miami Opa-Locka Executive Airport
    Land: 1,810 acres
    Runways: 3 over 1,300 meters in length

  • First One

    Excellent location in South Florida, 30' from Miami International Airport, downtown and Miami Beach.

  • First One

    Florida is the land of airports with so many alternate airports dotting the landscape. plus, perfect climate.


you are the
center of our


you are part
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Question's CheckList
before picking your
Flight School.

The first step to become a pilot is to research, learn and compare programs offered by flight schools, check out the school's reputation as well as aircrafts, maintenance, location and cost.

  • Why Is So Important The Airport Where The School Is Located?

    You want to train in an airport, where you are surrounded for all kind of aircrafts, jets, cargos and the big boys. You don't want to train in an airport where there are many or just flight schools.
    On that note, we recommend you check out Opa-Locka Airport. It is considered one of the best airports in South Florida,

  • Part 61 And/ Or
    Part 141 School?

    Skyduo is FAA Part 141 & 61
    Schools that teach under Part 61 don't require an FAA approved curriculum, they are generally less structured than those that teach under Part 141.

    Some students prefer the flexibility that Part 61 offers, while some respond better to the structure of Part 141.

  • Is It That Easy To Start?

    Is it that easy to start? That's the best part. We recommend scheduling a discovery flight, it will allow you to check the planes, meet the team and vibes of the school.
    We will team you up with a FAA Certified Instructor and you'll go flying. You'll also discuss your goals and all questions you might have.

  • Address

    14933 NW 41st Avenue. Hangar 51
    Miami Opa-Locka Executive Airport


    +1 954 8025445
    +1 305 3368229

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